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Contractors Health Insurance & Health Plans

Are you an open shop contractor that performs or bids on prevailing wage work?

Get the Bargaining Power of a Large Trust

Because our contractor health insurance plan is held in trust, we’re able to offer your company the benefit of being part of a larger group of contractors, which significantly minimizes risk and liability as well as lowering health insurance premiums – particularly for smaller companies. We customize benefit plans for non-union contractors, enabling them to offer union-like health insurance coverage.

We are introducing a preferred risk contractors health plans that are available to contractors like you. This health plan is lower in cost than what most groups can qualify for on their own. It provides nationwide coverage that can go with your workers no matter where the project takes them. This discounted health plan is underwritten by United Healthcare, one of the largest and most respected carriers in the country.

Your contractor health insurance plan is written on a PPO platform which means no primary care physicians required and employees can self refer to specialists as they see the need. The United Healthcare network of doctors is one of the largest networks which means chances are more of your favorite doctors will be a part of this plan.

If interested in reducing costs on your groups contractor health insurance, we can provide you a rate comparison at your request. Since this is a contractors only preferred risk health plan, there are a few underwriter guidelines to be met by the group. Once you are accepted, you will begin enjoying better health insurance coverage at lower prices than you now have. In addition, this health plan has a below industry average annual trend which means lower renewals each year.

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please contact us today for additional information.



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