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Bona-Fide Pension Plans & Retirement Plans

Are you interested in lowering your job costs on prevailing wage projects? Are you interested in improved profit margins?

By working together we offer the prevailing wage contractor a Davis Bacon compliant Bona Fide pension plan, that is ready to receive your fringe dollars when performing prevailing wage projects.

We will help your company identify and better understand the bona fide fringe benefits dollars within the base wage. When the bona fide fringe benefit dollars are deposited in our fully compliant bona fide pension plan, your company will realize savings on the following payroll taxes:

  • Federal Unemployment taxes

  • State unemployment taxes

  • General Liability taxes

  • Workers compensation premiums

  • Social security taxes.

These Bona Fide pension plans will help your employees save and plan for a better future thanks to you.

These funds can be monitored and changed with complete 24/7 on line access by each employee.

When you work with us to provide this valuable benefit, our TPA assumes all fiduciary responsibility for the funds and all compliance aspects for these plans. You can put the program in place worry free and start improving your bid numbers and project awards quickly and hassle free.

We have plan design experts in-house who design your employee benefit plan to maximize its potential for both owners and employees. You provide quality benefits for your employees, and increase your own ability to save for retirement at the same time.

Most traditional bona fide retirement plan providers donít understand how to use prevailing wage contributions to the advantage of company owners and other Highly Compensated Employees (HCEs). At New England Fringe Benefits, we analyze your company and your prevailing wage contributions to ensure youíre getting the most from your plan.

We can reduce your profit sharing costs while increasing the amount of profit sharing you can allocate to yourself and other key employees. Our goal is to ensure youíre receiving all the benefits youíre entitled to under the law.


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