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About Fringe Consulting

Contractors Health Insurance | Bona Fide Benefits | Prevailing Wage Support

Fringe Consulting is a traditional benefits consulting company for over 20 years with expertise in all group benefits as well as alternative plan design to improve cost efficiency to employer groups in New England. After working with many groups in the construction field that engage in prevailing wage work, we understand that these government contractors have unique challenges pertaining to prevailing wage, bona fide benefits* and contractor health insurance for their employees. It is with this understanding that we have formed a partnership with a leader in prevailing wage consulting. Our partner has over 25 years working specifically in this special niche market and offering many competitive advantages to open shop contractors that will help them improve profitability and win more jobs! With this partnership, Fringe Consulting can offer competitive advantages to open shop contractors in many areas of prevailing wage including;

Bona Fide Benefits Experience

Our bona fide benefits expertise and  experience in designing plans for 25 years to help you win more contracts and make these jobs more profitable is our priority. Your benefits plans will be set up in compliance with state and federal regulations.

Our solution provides comprehensive, single point of services. Our simple, effective plan allows you to focus on your business. Upload one file and send in one check and we do the rest. Administration, recordkeeping and participant services are all covered.

Compliance Support Services

When you partner with Fringe Consulting, you receive immediate support and expertise in designing your response to an inquiry or audit, at no cost. Over 25 years we have developed relationships with officers at the DOL and understand what they expect to see in an audit. We help gather requested reports quickly and speak to DOL on your behalf.

*Critical to reducing fraud and safeguarding your employees, the phrase bona fide appears repeatedly in the Davis Bacon Act, with respect to fringe benefits. For Davis-Bacon benefits plans to be considered “bona fide”, they MUST BE under the operation of an independent plan administrator who is beyond the jurisdiction of the actual employer and subject to the review of the Department of Labor.



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