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Open shop contractors that perform public work on a state, local or federal level, experience many challenges in todayís competitive market.  Knowing how to comply with complex prevailing wage laws and the Davis Bacon Act is critical to being successful in this niche.  With an increasing number of contractors competing for these prevailing wage projects, it is imperative that you also understand how to best identify and manage properly the prevailing wage rates and fringe dollars.  In the public project field more than anywhere else, itís critical your company operates as cost efficiently as possible in order to deliver your best bid while completing the project profitably. 

At Fringe Consulting, we understand these challenges and deliver competitive advantages to help you succeed.  We do this by helping you implement bona fide benefit plans that your employees will appreciate and you will win more bids by reducing payroll costs. 

Our solutions include

  • Mini med plans 
  • Compliance support with Davis bacon Act   
  • Bona fide 401K and SUB plan 
  • Discounted Contractors Health Plan
  • Hour bank Solutions
  • Certified payroll solution

Your next step is easy.  Call 781-740-0064 to speak to a benefits consultant. We'll provide ACCURATE and PERTINENT information that will help drive your company forward.


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